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Below you can find the evaluation criteria that business owners and foreigners must meet in order to employ foreign workers in Turkey.

Conditions for Employing Foreign Workers 5 Turkish

In order to employ foreign workers in the workplace for which a work permit is requested, at least 5 Turkish citizens must be employed.

If the foreigner requesting a permit is a partner of the company, the condition of having 5 Turkish citizens working is required for the last six months of the work permit, which will be granted for 1 year.

If a work permit has been obtained for a foreign national in the same workplace, it is obligatory to employ 5 Turkish citizens separately for each foreigner after the first foreigner.

Your Business Should Provide One Of These.

Minimum Paid Capital
Minimum Gross Sales
0 $
Export Amount for At least the Last Year

Paid capital or gross sales or export amount is not required for foreigners who want to be employed in associations and foundations.

5 Turkish employment conditions and paid-in capital, gross sales and export amount conditions are not sought for foreign nationals who want to be employed in the Turkish representations of foreign state airlines, in the education sector and in home services.

The foreign company partner who wants a work permit must have at least twenty percent of the capital share, with a minimum of 40.000₺.

Fees for Employing Foreign Workers

The monthly wage declared by the employer to the foreign national that he wants to employ must comply with the duty and competence of the foreigner. The coefficients determined for this are available;

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