Employers of foreigners holding a residence permit for at least six (6) months from the Ministry of Interior in Turkey. You can apply for a work permit online to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

If the foreigner does not have a residence permit, T.R. He has to go to the foreign representative office to apply for a work visa and give the 16-digit reference number given to him from there to his employer in Turkey, and the employer must apply for a work permit online to our Ministry using this reference number.


  • The workplace SSI e-declaration user who will create a workplace record in the system of the Ministry must have an electronic signature on his behalf.

  • The employment contract is drawn up and signed by both parties. For applications to be made from abroad, this contract must be signed in advance and the work visa must be submitted to the T.C. at the time of application. It must be submitted to the foreign representative.

Examples of employment contracts for obtaining a work permit

Türkiye'de çalışma izni alma
  • Transactions regarding the applications are made using electronic signature over the e-government system.

  • The employer or the foreigner who will work independently ( ​​or will make the application online.

  • Application for work permit and extension of time to work in the free zone are made to the Ministry of Commerce. (Except those under temporary protection)


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Questions and Answers About Work Permit

Employment contract, passport copy, diploma or temporary graduation certificate copy, Turkish Trade Registry Gazette showing the latest capital and partnership structure of the organization, balance sheet and profit/loss statement for the last year approved by tax office or certified public accountant, and COVID-19 Commitment are required documents. .

Work permit applications are made online through the E-Government portal and the Ministry of Labor page. The necessary documents are sent to you after the application.

Work permit applications are finalized by the Ministry within thirty (30) days at the latest, provided that the documents are complete and complete.

Valuable paper price for the year 2022 is 160 ₺,

  • Temporary protection work permit / 1 year standard 515,70₺
  • Temporary (1 year) work permit 1386,20 ₺,
  • Temporary (2-year) work permit 2772,40₺,
  • Temporary (3 years) work permit 4158,60₺,
  • Temporary (4 years) work permit 5544,80₺,
  • Temporary (5 years) work permit 6931,40₺,
  • Indefinite work permit is 13867,40₺.

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